Young Adults

Young Adult Estate Planning
As a parent, you are most likely quite accustomed to managing the legal and medical affairs of your children, as circumstances require.

But the day your “child” turns 18, he or she becomes an adult in the eyes of the law and has the legal rights of an adult.

This means that you lose your prior held rights to make medical and financial decisions for your child, unless your child executes legal documents giving you those rights back.

What Are Your Rights as the Parent of a Young Adult?
Without the proper legal documents in place, accessing medical information, and even being informed about your adult child’s medical condition can be difficult and, in some cases, impossible.

Make sure you will be able to help your young adult by having in place a legal plan that everyone over 18 needs.

To learn more, ask for our free Young Adult (Age 18+) Planning Guide where you learn what is legally necessary so you continue to have the legal authority to care for your adult child.

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