Personal Family Lawyer

Morgen M. Bowers, ESQ

Hi, I’m Morgen Bowers. I became a Personal Family Lawyer because I believe in educating and empowering my clients and community. I believe a lawyer should be more than just a document provider; my goal is to be your and your family’s life-long trusted advisor. I’ve been practicing law for over 20 years, and it has always been my priority to look at a client’s whole situation, not just a piece of it, so we can ensure the foundations are in place to support them or their family when they need it most.

Taking care of your business and your family are often intertwined. As an entrepreneur, business owner, and professional myself, I have a soft spot for helping other business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals navigate the often-confusing maze of familial, financial, and legal decisions you face when planning for the inevitable and the unexpected—whether in your business or your personal life. And getting you set up with a plan built on a strong foundation helps me help you to enhance your family’s lives today and secure their futures tomorrow. I believe in doing this by creating a plan personalized to your assets, business, family dynamics, goals, and priorities. There is no “one-size-fits-all” at Four Corners Legacy Law.

Personal Family Lawyer Commitments

  • We Empower You to Face the Reality of Incapacity and Death with Clear Eyes and an Open Heart So You Know You’ve Done the Right Thing for the People You Love
  • We Support You to Choose the Plan That’s Right For Your Family Now, Within Your Budget, and We Promise to Grow With You Over Time
  • All Our Fees Are Flat-Fees Agreed to in Advance, So There Are Never Any Surprises When You Have a Question
  • We Have a Process to Get You Answers So You Feel Supported
  • We Keep Your Kids Out of the Care of Strangers, or Anyone You Know You Wouldn’t Want Raising Them
  • We Make Sure Your Assets Are Owned in the Right Way to Keep Your Family Out of Court and Out of Conflict, If You So Choose
  • We Communicate With You Regularly, Throughout Your Lifetime, So Your Plan Stays Up to Date As Your Life Changes, Your Assets Change, and the Law Changes
  • We’ll Be There For Your Family, When You Can’t Be 
  • We Pass On More Than Just Your Money
  • We Make Sure Your Plan Works