YouTubers, Etsy entrepreneurs, and independent creators of all kinds may soon find a viable remedy for copyright infringement via the provisions in the CASE Act.  This includes creators who have had work wrongfully targeted by DMCA takedown.  According to The Illusion of More blog, the critics of this bill fail to mention the kind of users and creators who benefit from its provisions.

“As the entrepreneurism fostered by the internet continues to grow, the “new” creators have started to discover what the “old” creators already knew—that if you make something cool, somebody will probably try to take it for themselves.  EFF, Public Knowledge, and Fight for the Future are probably hoping their creator constituents don’t notice this logical flaw in their campaign against the CASE Act.  But regardless of what they are thinking (or not thinking), the fact is many of you Users really are Creators and, therefore, copyright owners.”

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